Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Diversity in the Kidlitosphere

Hey, all.

I am putting together a workshop about Diversity in the Kidlitosphere. The major point of my workshop is that blogs are an avenue for librarians to find out about and be exposed to multicultural titles. Another point is the valuable discussions from various perspectives that goes on at many blogs and websites. An example of what I'm including in my talk: Mitali's Fire Escape, and her invitation to "let's chat about life between cultures."

Please, either in comments or emails to me (lizzy.burns @, ignore the spaces) share with me your favorite blogs and websites that focus on these points. My workshop isn't scheduled until June, but after I give it, I'll share my resources.


MotherReader said...

A Wrung Sponge focuses on books featuring African and African-American characters. You probably know that, but just in case you don't.

mbpbooks said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement, Liz. I've been blogging a long time and am still ... sigh .. a C-lister, so I needed the boost. I like reading A Wrung Sponge's posts a lot, and I enjoy TadMack's ruminations about children's books. Cynsations also tends to cover more diverse lit than other blogs. I'll keep thinking ...

mbpbooks said...

And if you're looking for sites, the fantastic Paper Tigers site has just been listed as one of ALA's best sites.

Charlotte said...

Hi Liz,
Your workshop sounds like a fun project. I came across this really useful website a few weeks ago Oyate's homepage describes them as a Native organization that evaluates books by and about Native Peolples, and they have a great catalog.
all the best,

Andromeda Jazmon said...

I am happy to be mentioned as one interested in this topic! I read this blog too: American Indians in Children's Literature

If I think of any more I'll let you know.

alexgirl said...

This may or may not be helpful (and you probably know about it already), but I think is a very useful, well developed site with good resources.
Sounds like a great course, BTW. Good luck!

Liz B said...

Thank you all for the links so far, and keep them coming! As promised, come June I'll share what I have so far.

Pooja said...

My bibliography, althought it is not a blog.

Also, for some more leads, check out this article on PaperTigers..

Anonymous said...

Don't miss Saffron Tree. They write about multi-cultural children's books, with some emphasis on books from India.

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