Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blog of the Day: Amy McAuley

Blog of the Day: Amy McAuley's LiveJournal

About the Blogger: McAuley wrote the Over and Over You, a fabulous book about reincarnation, and about being both trapped by choices and being able to break free from old patterns. Also, I have to note, McAuley is very similar to Cawley (my Irish relatives are all Cawley, Maloney, Sullivan). So, I'm sure that if you go back, like, 1,000 years or so, we're related.

About the Blog: I have McAuley's LJ on my sidebar; more info on the author is at her website, including news of upcoming projects (but I can't find an RSS feed for it, darn it). And a cat that has my name! Her LJ has a mix of personal news, writing updates, and memes.

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