Monday, October 19, 2009

In Which Fuse Points Out the Real Problem With Adults Reading Middle School/ YA Books

From Fuse #8: "I was, however, mildly freaked when I saw the photograph of Oliver's parents and came to the startled conclusion that if their prom was in 1995 (theme: "Jungle Fever") then Oliver could easily be my son too. *shudder*"


What's even scarier is when I am older than the parents in the YA books.

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The Floating Lush said...

Ugh. My friends are starting to spawn now, and it's freaking me out. :(

CLM said...

It's even worse when said parents are portrayed as past their prime! I wonder if I'd rather be described as incapable of understanding the sensitive heroine/hero...

Bibliovore said...

Gah! My friends are having kids now too. I'm like, "Stop that! Don't you know we're supposed to be young and irresponsible?"

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