Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Veronica Mars

I love this show; if it was possible to marry it I would, that is how much I love it.

I cannot say I loved Veronica Mars from the first; yes, there was the hype, but I was still feeling burned by the cancellations of so many of my shows. Roswell, Buffy, Farscape, Angel. I was tired. So I didn't even give it a try; and then Paris Hilton guest starred which was enough to say, I'm not going to watch.

But the buzz was so good and I turned it on -- and at first it was strong like, very strong like. And then I was going on vacation for a week and it only made sense to get DVR so that I could record the show and not miss it. And now I'm in love.

Why? Complex characters. Amazing writing. Story arcs. Consequences. Witty dialogue. Snark. Good actors -- in some instances, great actors. Clever editing. Wonderful use of music. Rob Thomas -- who knows how to write, how to create a story arc over an entire season, and is incredibly fan friendly.

I cannot wait for Tuesday night; yet at the same time, I want it to be over so that I can buy the DVDs to be able to see the whole mystery unfolds from the start.

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