Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Who Killed Lilly Kane?

After last night's Veronica Mars, I know the answer.

The answer was satisfying, and I want to watch from the first episode to catch clues and red herrings.

What is even more satisfying than a good solution to a murder mystery? The characters on Veronica Mars, including Veronica herself. As I watched last night's ep unfold, all I could think of was -- damn. I love Veronica; and part of the reason is she is not perfect. She makes mistakes. And she doesn't necessarily learn from them. There are consequences; which means, because of x then y happened; not that y is a punishment; and y cannot always be predicted. Compare to 24, another show I like, where Jack is always right. No, seriously: Jack is like God. His judgments, actions, responses -- always right. And while its fun to watch 24, Jack is not a character that will ever show any growth.

The final ep of Veronica Mars also dealt with trust and betrayal. It's funny; because in the first ep, Veronica clearly saw herself as the one who had been betrayed and as the season went on this was true. She'd lost a best friend; her mother; her place in society. Yet the season ended with Veronica betraying someone, and I'm not sure yet what I think about Veronica's actions. Believable? Yes; In character? Yes. So that gets a thumbs up. But I also did not like at all her treatment of Logan. At this point, in Logan's world, everyone -- every single person he knows -- has shown that they cannot be trusted. Logan has been betrayed to a greater extent than Veronica was, and Logan is without any of the resources Veronica had. Logan will be starting next season from such a low place that I cannot imagine how he can recover. Last week, Logan asked Veronica to trust him; this week, I'm wondering if there is anything that can be done for Logan to trust anyone ever again. (Hmm... this may make more sense if I just named the killer.)

I'm a little concerned about Logan for a few reasons. First, it kept me up all night, worse than a cup of coffee before bed, and I need my sleep. Second, much as I love JD's acting, this show is called Veronica Mars and is about Veronica; how much of Logan's story do I want to see, no matter how intriguing it is? Third, as I said above, I have no idea what Rob Thomas will do with this character next. I don't want Logan to become Angelus (or worse yet, Connor), all with the grr and angry and unredeemed evil.

Veronica Mars will be back next season (yay), but its on the edge, so please watch! Trust me: you will not be disappointed.

Quote of the day, thanks to Logan: "Adversity is the diamond dust with which Heaven polishes its jewels."

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