Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Battlestar Galactica

Awesome, amazing, spectacular. Somehow, the second season of BG is even better than the first! For background, check out my prior post on the reimagined BG.

The Good: People do good things, and bad things, and stupid things. "Who do I cheer for," you may ask... And there are no easy answers. There is no one "good" person to cheer on. Sometimes the crazy Cylon logic makes a lot of sense. One week, Tigh is saving the fleet, and the next, he's making such poor decisions you want to shake him.

Is this because of inconsistent characterization? Poor plotting? Nope: its for the best possible reason. Ron Moore has created a universe of Real People: and those traits and personalities, fears and hopes, means that sometimes people rise to the occasion. And sometimes they make stupid mistakes. And sometimes they give into fear. They are not perfect. They are flawed. They are real.

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