Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sharpe's Rifles

I'd heard of the Sharpe series starring Sean Bean, but I hadn't watched it from the beginning, it was too long to start, excuses, excuses.

Camille at Book Moot posted about a new upcoming movie in this series, and I got inspired to finally see what all the fuss was about. My library has the DVDs, I figured out which of the many was the first, and took home Sharpe's Rifles for my Christmas vacation.

The good news: It was great. I've always liked Sean Bean, but now -- wow. It's 1809, the Peninsular wars, and Sharpe is a Sargent in the British army who gets promoted to lieutenant via a field commission. In other words, since he's been promoted from the ranks, the other officers think of him as "not our kind" and the people who are in his command don't give him any respect either. Well -- not at first. Sharpe wins the respect of his company, accomplishes his mission, and gets the girl. Great acting all around. I know very little about this part of history, and had no problem following the story.

The bad news: This is the first of fourteen episodes and I only borrowed one. I have to wait till January to find out what happens to Sharpe and his men.

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