Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Banned in Boston

Over at the Simple and the Ordinary, my friend Christine is mulling over how people react to books which they feel threaten their beliefs. It's well thought out, and she decides

Is it wise to be careful what things we expose ourselves and our children too? Yes - of course.

Should we make a crusade out of popular books because the opinions expressed in them don't match our religious convictions? No.

Why not? Because people not willing to allow themselves to be open to other points of view; to not give themselves a chance to understand why they believe what they believe, are not allowing themselves to grow and strengthen their faith.

When we are small we believe because our parents tell us to. But if at some point in our lives we don't question why we believe that and come up with our own reasons, we will never get beyond the point of 'because my parents said so.'

Christine is my good friend in the real world, and has just started blogging.

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