Saturday, July 21, 2007

What Harry Means To Me

Yeah, I like Harry Potter.

So, as I head off to the bookstore, afraid that some mean hearted person will shout a spoiler at me, I give you a retro post: How I Found Out About Harry.

At another time will be discussed why some people fill it is their right and duty to ruin something for someone else.


Michele said...

I can't stand mean-spirited people who think it's OK to spoil something for others... My sister thoughtlessly spoiled The Sixth Sense for me - she didn't even stop to ask if I was interested in watching the movie at any point, just opened her mouth and blabbed. I waited a couple of years to watch the movie on DVD, hoping I'd have forgotten by the time I saw it, but as soon as I started watching I remembered... *sigh*

Hopefully you'll get through HP7 unspoilered - I did !

Brian Mandabach said...

HORRIBLE PEOPLE! We have a "read ahead, but NO SPOILERS" rule in my English classes, but sometimes kids forget or "forget". With some of the kids I forgive it as they are learning social norms. Others I sadly fear, are just not going to be good people. :(

Mary Lee said...

Wow. Your destiny, linked with Harry Potter. Amazing story. Thank goodness for Harry -- one less lawyer, one more great librarian!