Friday, August 10, 2007

Apartment Therapy

One of my favorite blogs is Apartment Therapy. I love so many things about it... I like the minimalist approach to life* and living. I love what can be done with tiny spaces. And finally, living in less than 300 square feet with a baby? YOU RULE.

So as I'm browsing design information.... what do I see but Harry Potter! "While this isn't technically a "design" per se, we consider the structure of JK Rowling's books remarkably complex, layered and ultimately designed to communicate one overarching message: Love & Tolerance." Read the rest here.

For my readers who like small spaces: check out Chez Shoes and her living space. I adore it! And while I'm fascinated by the Tumbleweed Houses, I think I'd need one house for me, one for my books, one for my office, and one for Cheetah and Peter Parker.

* Tho I could NEVER get rid of my book collection. No, seriously. And I MUST keep my TV. Give up Buffy? Never. So I'm not sure I could do 300 square feet....


Katja said...

I have a reading journal blog, Paperisiili, in Finnish where I also have a list of reading and book blogs I've enjoyed. I've added your blog to the list, I hope this is OK with you?

Couldn't give up my book collection either! Not to even mention my Buffy DVD boxes! :)

tanita✿davis said...

Since we are moving into a flat - potentially smaller than our US version of a townhouse - this is a great find -- and somehow, looking at other peoples houses (neat, not strewn with unread books and computer cords) is oddly soothing... Just looking at all the tidy bookshelves...

And the Potter connection is also great!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so very much for the link to Apartment Spaces - you have made my day!

265 square feet with a baby?! Brave, brave souls. Guaranteed they search for new space once that baby is mobile!