Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wanted: Bicycle

Any suggestions?

I'm not sporty girl; this isn't for racing. I'm looking for a bicycle for just around town, to the beach, stuff like that. So a basket will be added.

I'm thinking something that looks a wee bit retro. Maybe what Jessica Fletcher or Miss Marple would ride, only, not so heavy. And not expensive.

Thoughts? Ideas? Recommendations?



Sam said...

Did Miss Marple ride a bike? Still, it's a perfect way to describe a bike! I can see exactly what you mean...

Maybe you need one of these beauties:

tanita✿davis said...

Ooh, Liz, I absolutely LOVED my Electra bike. Sadly, I had to sell it (it's bulky and the flat is really small), but I took plenty of pictures and when we're done with school and living in dinky apartments, I'm going to get one again.

See if you can find one used.
Check out my pics, too. Only three gears; if your world is hilly, you'll have to work a bit, but I adore this bike. You pedal backwards to brake... all that was missing was the banana seat.

*Sniffle* I still have a sixteen speed racing bike (and WHY, I ask? Because D. is extremely optimistic, methinks), but this bike was MUCH more me. Just three more years!

Becker said...

I totally love my Townie!! I have the 7 gear version--perfect for getting around town (Denver's pretty flat!) Good luck in the bike search!

Anne said...

I've got one very similar to this (though I had a friend of mine who does auto fabrication paint it racy red for me), and I put a basket like this on the front.

When I lived in a small college town, I rode it to work (8 smalltown blocks) on a daily basis and it was perfect, despite being pretty inexpensive as bikes go. (Now I live in a very bike-unfriendly suburb and am trying to lobby for bike paths.)

Good luck!

Mary Lee said...

Wanted: a beach to ride a bicycle to! Lucky you!!!

Renee said...

I've always had a Schwinn, my current one has shocks under the seat so riding is smooth and easy on the back, I really like it. Looks like they have some retro looking bikes too

Anonymous said...

This is the one I want:

Anonymous said...

Liz, I bet your area has a Freecycle list. You could put up a wanted request on that. I saw the Electras at the cycle shop last week and they look awesome! I have a Raleigh, and like it alot. I just need a basket for the front!