Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Speaking of Coverage...

Wonderful article about children's literature in The New Yorker: The Lion and the Mouse The battle that reshaped children’s literature.

And a short essay in The New York Times: A Few of Life’s Nuggets, and a Children’s Book Is Formed.

Heard about the first via a listserv; then both from Fuse.

It's funny that these came out just as I posted about how there isn't enough coverage of children's lit in mainstream press. I'm happy to get that great New Yorker piece, but wouldn't it be great if there was more, more, more?

My birthday is this month; so I think I'll be treating myself to this. (Link fixed!)


Melissa Rabey said...

Pssst--your link doesn't seem to work, so I don't know what you're gonna be treating yourself to!

Robin Brande said...

Happy Birthday this month, Liz! Hope you'll be treating yourself to even more than a book--a massage or something else decadent, perhaps? Come on! Live it up! You deserve it!