Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Creative ideas of where to put books.



Anonymous said...

Do you mean, ones you want to gift people with anonymously, or something else?

Liz B said...

Bookshelves are full and no room for more bookshelves; but I still need the books. So, I'm wondering how else/where to put the books....

Once it's time to weed/get rid of, I luckily have a few schools and libraries eager for the donations.

Noël De Vries said...

I have several 7 to 10-ft long shelves mounted over closets, double windows, etc. They get books off the floor, look cozy, and cost very little. Just make sure you anchor them well!!

Anonymous said...

Check out http://theblogonthebookshelf.blogspot.com/ - they have ideas like books in suitcases, in rafters, etc.

BookWyrm said...

If they are not books you need on a daily basis. We've used the shallow storage boxes that slide under beds and under our futons/couches.

Anonymous said...

A year or so ago Pottery Barn sent out a catalog with stacks of books spine out under the beds and piled everywhere in the rooms on their pages. I showed it to my husband and said, "See, my cluttered literary look is finally in style!"

I do use stacks of books at the sides of couches or chairs as mini end tables...and I have a foot stool collection around my reading chair that is not available for storytelling like it should be, there are piles of books on most of the stools!

Anonymous said...

I just turned my bedroom into a library with a bed in it. If you have a kitchen with space between the cabinets and the ceiling that's a great way to store book and decorate at the same time.

Mary Lee said...

I'm suffering the same pains with overflowing shelves and piles of NCTE Notables. Makes me think of Sam-I-Am:

Do you have space for them them here or there?

I do not have space for them here or there.
I do not have space for them anywhere.
I do not like finding space for more books.
I do not like piles 'cause of they way that they looks.

Would you put them in a house?
Would you put them with a mouse?

I cannot put them in a house.
I cannot put them with a mouse.
I cannot put them here or there.
I cannot put them anywhere.
I do not like finding space for more books.
I do not like piles 'cause of they way that they looks.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar problem, in order to buy a new book I must weed out another. The big issue is I have weeded to the extreme and keep getting asked 'what happened to that book?' and end up replacing it.
My solution was to encourage the kids to take more home. Management agreed to up the borrowing rate and increased display shelving (said good bye to half the kids reference books).
We also started loaning out bulk loans to preschools, playgroups and school classes, these books are stored in plastic themed box's but still show on the catalog so we can access individual titles.

Maria said...

If you have stairs, Me and My Big Mouth (blog name) recommends having a carpenter come in and turn the steps into drawers that slide out--you put books in the spare space under each step!

I happen to live in a one-story...

Em said...

If you have stairs or a balcony with wooden spindles, books look really cool sitting between the wooden spindles.

Janet Brown said...

I don't cook much, so my kitchen cupboards make ideal book shelves--probably wouldn't work for everyone though.