Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reference & Research Book News

Reference & Research Book News is a quarterly publication that "focuses on reference and scholarly works in the social sciences and the humanities." The November 2008 issue includes my book, Pop Goes the Library. You can check out entry about PGTL at the online version; or, go to the PDF of the full publication. I'm a big nerd -- I love seeing the book's Library of Congress subject classification code!


Anonymous said...

It's not just you, Liz. I still say the best thing about writing a book was getting a Dewey Decimal Number of my very own. If I weren't afraid of needles, I might have gotten it tattooed on my arm. ;)

Glad to see Pop getting so much positive attention!

Liz B said...

Best tattoo idea ever.

And now I picture a row of DDN or LOC numbers, ala Angelina Jolie's numbers for her children.