Monday, October 04, 2021

Review: You Let Me In

You Let Me In You Let Me In by Camilla Bruce
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok. This is a weird one, and scary, and disturbing, and very open ended -- how reliable is the narrator?

Does the reader choose to read this as the narrator is telling the truth, and so you need to believe in evil fairies and a world of dark magic?

Here's the story: Cassandra Tipp, famous author, disappears, leaving a manuscript for her niece and nephew. It tells her life story, the truth behind not just her writing career, but also the tragedies:

Her murdered husband.

The trial.

The murder/suicide of her father and brother.

So either dark fairies have haunted her and her family; or, (as one of her doctor's suspects) something terrible happened to Cassie as a child and the "fairies" are the way her mind dealt with the unthinkable.

I know what I think! But this works either way, with clues and evidence that support both readings.

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