Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ghosts of Albion

Amber Benson and Christopher Golden have a new book out, Ghosts of Albion: Accursed. From the bit I've been reading, this originated as an online story.

I love Amber Benson. She was great in Buffy and posted at the Bronze, (now Bronze Beta) when she was getting flack for the storyline and her size and well, she is amazing. (Bronze posting: scroll down here for her reactions to comments about her weight (which, BTW, is normal except on TV compared to stick people, yet she got grief for being "fat." Fat at 118 pounds!!!), and go here for her love of Susan Cooper, which made me like her all the more.) (For the record, I probably posted all of six times at the Bronze, under coma girl.)

So, because it's Amber and because it sounds like the type of book I'd like (ghosts and horror and gothic and victorian), I plan on ordering a copy.

And because I know there are Buffy fans out there, I'm asking you for some advice.

Here my questions: what, if any, online GofA do I HAVE to read before reading this book? Is this book retelling what has already happened on the online story, or is it independent? What would be the best order for reading GofA stories? Should I be reading up all the info on the GofA website, or should I wait and read the book first then explore the world further? I don't want to be spoiled about anything in the book, but I also don't want to feel as if I've sat down to watch a movie half way thru.

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