Sunday, October 30, 2005

Twenty Random Things About Myself

I've been tagged by Kelly. This is my first tag, so I'm excited. (I've also had my first nasty comment and first spam. Hhmm, what other firsts are left?)

Twenty Random Things About Myself:

1. I've been to Ireland four times.
2. I've been to Disney World five times.
3. If I won the lottery tomorrow, yes, I'd quit my job. And travel. And read.
4. I can't wear heels. I can only wear shoes with good soles & support like Dansko.
5. I like shopping when I have money to spend. If I can't buy anything, why bother?
6. I practiced corporate law for almost ten years.
7. I wanted to be an archaeologist until I realized that I stink at languages.
8. My hair began going gray when I was 22.
9. I hate driving.
10. I love television.
11. I am 39 so don't get people who complain when people think they look young. Looking young is a gift from the gods! I have had people at work think I just graduated college (if you're looking at number 8, yes I dye my hair.) I love those people.
12. I don't have kids of my own, but I do have a wonderful niece and nephew who I adore. And they are the reason that number 2 will increase to six after this summer.
13. I love writing fiction. Which is why I just signed up for National Novel Writing Month. I also love reading other people's drafts and making suggestions.
14. My dream job would working for the movie/TV business picking YA/ Children's books to be adapted for movies. Or, working for a publisher's, doing editing and acquisitions for YA/ Children's.
15. My favorite band remains the Pogues; other than that, I have an eclectic music taste; I like a lot of various things, from folk to grunge to classic rock'n'roll.
16. I just passed the 200 mark for books I read this year. Included are picture books and graphic novels and audio books.
17. I love English History.
18. I'm addicted to cinnamon Altoids.
19. I get terrible migraines, especially when it's damp.
20. Despite number 11 and the clock ticking, I want to have kids. But first I want to get married, and I'm still looking for Mr. Right.

My turn to tag someone. I tag Gigi at Lite as a rock.


Kelly said...

I only wear Danskos if I can help it. Bad shoes throw my back out immediately (old tailbone injury)

Liz B said...

I fractured my pelvis a few years ago, which is why I'm limited in the shoe wearing.

Gigi said...

You are aware that I have no one to tag so the random things stop with me, right?