Sunday, January 29, 2006

Boy Proof

Boy Proof by Cecil Castelluci. Cecil Castelluci's blog.

The Plot: Victoria, 16, prefers to be called "Egg" like the character in her favorite science fiction movie. She's smart, she's confident, she's not afraid to dress like the character she loves. She considers herself "boy proof," both by nature and by design. But then Max, the new kid in school, begins to get under her skin. And Egg begins to realize that her confidence that has kept people at arms length -- that has kept her "boy proof" -- may not be confidence at all. Instead she realizes that by being Egg, she -- Victoria -- is "always going to be invisible."

The Good: Castelluci respects fandom and fangirls and fanboys. Yep, they dress differently and are passionate about their movie, film, TV show or book -- but they are so much more than nerds and dorks.

Egg is vocal and strong in her likes and dislikes and her passions. Slowly, she begins to see that she is using her passion as a shield, to keep people out. This is not a book about someone giving up on passion; rather, the realization that its OK to need friends, and to be a friend, and use that passion to include others rather than exclude. It's OK to be alone and solitary; but not when it's the result of fear. And not when it's the result of being excluded. Egg find the balance between being herself and being part of a community, and never loses her integrity.

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