Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Buffy Quote of the Week

Giles: Grave robbing. Well, that's new. Interesting.
Buffy: I know you meant to say "gross and disturbing".
Ep: Some Assembly Required.

Quote thanks to Michele at Scholar's Blog.


Michele said...

Thanks for the mention, Liz ! I was thinking of you as I watched "Anne" at the weekend !

Liz B said...

You're welcome. Rewatching Buffy is one of my favorite things -- I'm slowly going thru the last season, not wanting it to end.

Michele said...

I've just started season 4 today - managed to cram in the first four episodes. I'd forgotten how manic Buffy gets with "Kathy" in "Living Conditions"... And Giles' sombrero is a scream in "Fear, Itself" - oh and have you noticed the "Ripper"-like look on his face when he takes the chainsaw to the house in that episode ?!

OK, I'll shut up now... :-D