Saturday, February 16, 2008

Printz: Calendar

And my continuing Saturday Morning series, highlighting the Policies and Procedures of the Printz Committee.

And now, the Calendar:

The Committee will observe the following calendar:
May-June: Committee members and chair are elected or appointed.
July: The chair sends letters of welcome to committee members. Letters will include a calendar and a copy of these policies and procedures.
September: Reading can commence as galleys become available.
January: Midwinter Meeting
May: By May 15 the chair will have assembled and sent to committee members a list of all nominated titles.
June: Annual Conference: The committee will meet in three closed sessions to discuss all nominated titles.
September: By September 15 the chair will have assembled a second list of titles nominated since Annual and will have sent them to committee members.
December: December 1: Final date for submission of field nominations.
December 15: Final date for nominations by committee members.
January: January 1: Chair will send list of all titles nominated since September 15 to members.
January: Midwinter Meeting: Committee will meet in three closed sessions to select a winner and honor titles (if any).
June Annual Conference: Committee will have the opportunity for input into the oversight and planning of the Printz Awards Program.

The above is taken from the YALSA Website.

For the Printz Committee I'm on, we are in the post-January Midwinter Meeting time period.

For the Printz Committee that just picked this year's Award Winners, they are in the planning stages for this June's Printz Awards Program.

Carlie Webber, a contributor to this blog, is on the slate of candidates for next year's Printz Committee, so that is the May-June time slot at the very beginning of the Calendar.

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