Friday, April 18, 2008

Poetry Friday: The Red Wheelbarrow

The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams.
so much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white

Poetry Friday round up is at The Well Read Child.


tanita✿davis said...

I remember studying WC Williams for a whole quarter in college, writing papers on WHAT depended on the darned wheelbarrow... never did figure it out. Still love this poem, though -- the phrase 'glazed with rain' always strikes me.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

The first time I read this poem it rang a bell in me that is still ringing. It goes all the way to the core of me.

I can't really explain why but I think it's like the most beautiful of photographs or the face of someone you love. So much depends on seeing beauty right there in the regular yard, beside the chickens.