Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Review: Come Away With Me

Come Away With Me Come Away With Me by Erika Kelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I quite enjoyed this novella!

I'm including it in Christmas, because it takes place in the week after Christmas.

This is the only book in the series I've read; and it did not matter. I enjoyed it so much I want to look for the other books in the series.

Skylar is the single mother of four year old Rocco. She was in college when she got pregnant; her high school sweetheart, who she had been with for years, abandoned her, leaving for LA to be a rock star. Since then she's managed on her own, as has a successful business. (Her business is a sort of fashion consultant/makeover business, and I didn't quite get how that works financially but hey it worked very well in the book.)

Jinx works at her brother's motorcycle shop: his specialty is artwork on motorcycles and he's really good. He's also had a crush on her for ages, but she's ignored him and given him the cold shoulder.

At the start of the story, she wakes up to the fact that hey, Jinx is a pretty good guy, why not open herself up to love? Reasons: she sees how good he is with her son; and she sees him with his new girlfriend and gets jealous.

Jinx likes what she does, observing how it's more than a new dress that gives people new confidence in themselves and their futures. So, he asks her to help with his mom, who has been in a rut / depressed for years.

Plot twist! Mom lives in Las Vegas, so road trip.

It's a romance, so of course it's also about them getting to know each other. And before you worry this is a cheater book: the new girlfriend, just that, is new; she's a good person, as is Jinx; and I'll just say that Jinx handles it honorably.

My only quibble is for how much it's "oh I'm a single mom," we see very little of her son, Rocco. He has gone to visit his paternal grandparents (his father may have been terrible, but his parents are great.)

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