Thursday, December 09, 2021

Review: One Charmed Christmas

One Charmed Christmas by Sheila Roberts
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In July, 2020 my family was supposed to take a Rhine River Cruise. Obviously, that didn't happen and who knows when we will be able to travel like that again.

One Charmed Christmas takes place on a Rhine River Cruise; it's during December, so it's all about Christmas and Christmas markets. Also, it's in a post-Covid 19 world. There are scattered mentions of "when Covid-19 hit" and lots of sanitizer; also a mention of bringing masks for a plane. But other than that, nothing about social distancing so it's a few years in the future, I guess.

Honestly: what I loved about this was it satisfied, a little, the travel bug. I mean, it's not the same as traveling but I enjoyed seeing what might have been. (And what may be).

Honestly: I did not really care for any of the characters. It's nice that there are a bunch of main characters so there are two main couples. And some are in their sixties, or older! I love when romance isn't just twentysomethings.

But, individually? Eh. I didn't feel any connection; and I also found some of them a bit annoying. There was a guy complaining how shallow all his girlfriends have been with little contemplation that he, not the women, is the problem. A maybe hypochondriac wants to marry a doctor so she'll always have someone to treat/diagnosis her. Someone else was so whiny, but had a legit complaint about how her kids didn't rally round after a sickness... and then at the end we found out she'd never told them. She just expected them to ... know?

Still. Want to go on a Rhine River Cruise, cannot afford it, or waiting for them to be offered again? Read this.

I know am thinking December, not July, may be the time to go!

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