Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Cybils!

It is time for the Cybils!

What are the Cybils? The long answer is here, and the short answer: a book award by bloggers to recognize that a book can be both high quality and popular. This is the second year.

What types of books? Children's and young adult, with the full list of categories and organizers here. Yep, that's my name as Middle Grade Fiction organizer.

If this is the second year, what were the winners last year? The full list is here.

How can I help? I was hoping you'd ask! They Cybils blog has all the details here. If you want to nominate a title, you can. Anyone with an email address can nominated one title per category.

What to do with all the nominated titles? Basically, the organizers have been selected. We organize; keep track of nominated titles and who is reading what and that all books get read. All books get read... The Cybils has a two-part process for readers. First, a group of panelists read all the books. This doesn't mean that each person reads each book; rather, each book will be read by at least one person. Those panelists then determine the short list.

The short list then gets announced and handed to the judges, who read those titles and determine a winner.

Want to volunteer? Well, check the Cybils blog post asking for volunteers to see if you meet the criteria and are willing to live with the guidelines. For example, "You’ll naturally want to blog about the books you’re reading; just don’t indicate how you intend to vote."

So, what are you doing over here? Go over to the Cybils blog, read up, and volunteer!

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