Sunday, September 16, 2007

GLBT Month at Young Adults Book Central

September is GLBT Month at Young Adult (& Kid's) Book Central (YABC).

To quote the YABC site: While most GLBT teens today don't have to deal with as much prejudice as in the past, attitudes and acceptance vary greatly from place to place and from school to school. Luckily, they have an ever-growing range of books and authors to look to for help, understanding, and information (IMHO the best defense against mis-information and misconceptions is arming yourself with the facts). After all, we're all human beings and we're all in this together. It only makes sense that we all try to get along, no matter our sexual orientation (or political or religious affiliations).

So, the YABC dedicated September as GLBT Month, and is all about GLBT books and the people who write them and read them and whose lives are saved by them. The YABC Blog is full of interviews and reviews. And, there are five different contests, with prizes!

I'd been planning to post about this from the time I read about it; and you see how bad I am with timing, and how busy, when it's taken this long to actually do it! But I was inspired following this YABC post about the negative feedback the site has gotten. Follow the links. It's quite depressing.

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