Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz . From library. DVD.

The Plot:

Nicholas Angel, super cop, gets sent from London to sleepy Sandford. Angel is a by the book crimefighter, but he's made his London colleagues look bad; hence, he's been exiled to "village of the year" Sandford.

At first, it's typical fish out of water as Angel sees crimes in everyday behavior. But is Sandford really so perfect?

The Good:


Simply put, the best movie I've seen this year.

And see, I don't want to say too much .... I don't want to spoil anything for you.

This movie is funny. And it's funny on so many levels; but it's also full of unexpected twists and turns. And a lot of the humor is because it is full of references to other movies; obviously, cop movies, but also westerns, cult films, even Harry Potter.

OK, a bit less scattered. Angel is a fish out of water; and there's laughs as "mr big city police officer" adjusts to sleepy Sandford, Sandford that looks like a dream version of England. But... there's more to Sandford.

Even better (at least, if I can believe the DVD extras), the makers of the movie did talk to actual police officers. To try to get it "right."

And along the way, the references! It's in the lines characters speak, in the names of people, in the shots, in the editing. This movie demands multiple viewings; and yes, you have to listen to the commentary and other DVD extras.

So, if you like funny movies; "get" English humor; and like adventure films. watch this!

Rated R: for violence and for language. But, it's all said with British accents! So it's not so bad!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I made a note to check it out. It sounds right up my alley.

Anonymous said...

Well, that settles it. I've been wanting to see this anyway, and you just clinched the deal. Thank you. :)

Especially as the novel I just reviewed was very definitely British humor, and I think I still hurt from giggling so hard...

MotherReader said...

I'm always on the lookout for a funny movie. I'll give it a try.

Jackie Parker said...

Hot Fuzz was indeed the best thing I saw in the last year (although Transformers was pretty cool, too). I also saw it in the COOLEST theater in Seattle - they serve alcohol to you, in your seat, in the middle of the movie!! Popcorn, too!

Melissa said...

We just watched this the other night; Hubby was in the mood for a mindless action flick, and I found myself being drawn in. Incredibly funny. (The actors just looked like they were having a blast, too.) And Timothy Dalton is the BEST bad guy. Ever.

Camille said...

I do "get" English humor so clicking through to Netflix now...