Monday, November 19, 2007

ALA Midwinter Philadelphia

I'll post about this again, but here's the thing. I'll be at ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia. I have no idea of my schedule yet. But, it's never too early to get the conversation started: will you be there? Can we arrange a mini kidlitosphere get together?


Brian Mandabach said...

I wish! I'm so crazy with teaching and attempting to launch OR NOT that I have almost totally dropped out of the sphere, which should be part of it, but I can't keep up!

Julie said...

I will be there from 1/10 through 1/14! It was just decided yesterday that I could go, and finding a hotel under $300 a night was no easy task... but I managed and am excited to be attending my first Midwinter. I'd love to see a get-together similar to the one in DC this past June.

Stasia D said...

Hey Liz:

I am only going to be there on the Sunday. We are bringing a bunch of BBYA kids to the panel, and then will be working the floor. Not sure about how much nonsupervising time I will have, but I'd love to see folks too!

Liz B said...

I know, so many conferences, but Brian, this one is much more a business meeting conference.

Julie, cool! OK, now we just have to figure a place to go.

Stacy, you are very brave indeed. I love listening to the BBYA kids so probably will be sitting in on some of that.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

I'll be there! Probably just the exhibits on Friday, but who knows maybe I'll get them to spring for more this time. I'd love to get together with bloggers!

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