Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Support the WGA Strike

As I made clear in my post, Strike, I support the WGA, the strike, and writers being paid fairly for their work.

I'd like to point out a few things:

Looking to offer support as a fan? Go check out fans4writers. I love it when the fans show this type of support! Yes, we don't want our shows to end... but c'mon, you know you're viewing episodes online. I know I am. Why shouldn't the writers get paid for that?

I was directed to fans4writers by a blog reader, Miss Kate (who, sadly, operates under the delusion that Colby Granger is her TV boyfriend. Silly girl, he's mine!)

Miss Kate explains, " started the day that the Writers Guild Association went on strike as a way for fans to support the writers of their favorite TV shows, and feature films. Originally, it was just to deliver pizza on the picket line for writers associated with Joss Whedon's shows, but it has evolved into a larger, umbrella organization that wants to provide information, resources and ways to help the writers as they picket."

She continues, "Fans4Writers own programs are Food for Thought through which they will organize food for each picket location at least once a week and the Postcard Protest. Using their forums, you can also find more show-specific ideas for supporting the writers that are organized by other fan groups. Fans4writers is committed to providing support through morale boosting activities, protests to networks and advertisers and educating others about the strike for its duration."

Where do you think the funny lines, the intriguing plots, the characters come from?

THE WRITERS. And what recognition do they get? What respect? Hell, even when I do my Buffy Quote of the Day I don't say, Joss Whedon wrote this, or Jane Espenson, or Tim Minear (oh, that's Angel. Sorry.) And these are the people who make the magic possible.

Stop thinking short term; stop thinking, oh, I want my show back on. Think, I want my show back on because the writers are being treated fairly.

YA Authors who support the WGA:

John Green
Justine Larbelestier
Celise Downs
Holly Black

Kidlitosphere Bloggers who support the WGA:

From the Shattered Drum
Gotta Book

Yes, I know I missed a bunch, and I'm sorry; add links in the comments. Next week I'll edit this to add you. In the meanwhile, after I pack, I'm off to NYC!


Kelly said...

I totally support the writers. From Iowa, but still. I support them despite the fact I have to live without John and Steven. Go, writers, go! This is a big issue.

misskate said...

Liz, you are just so way cool, I would let you go for coffee with Colby! :) Have a fab time in New York!