Sunday, January 20, 2008

Printz Liz

So, I'm on this year's Printz committee. And yes, it will impact what I'm reviewing online.

I know that technically speaking, I could blog about eligible 08 books and my blogging would not reveal anything confidential; it would merely be about me saying what I do or don't like, and not be a reflection of anything to do with the committee.


I also know human nature and myself. I'd be second guessing what I wrote, and I like to just write my reactions to books and I don't want to censor my own posts. Also, I looked at this from the POV of authors, I think they'd be reading my posts for "clues" (she mentioned the book, that's good news! or is that bad? Or is not mentioning it good?) Hell, if I were an author of an eligible book I'd be doing that.

And so, in all honesty, it's just easier for me not to blog about Printz eligible titles.

Which is why Carlie and Theresa are helping out, with writing reviews and other stuff for Tea Cozy. And I have a few other people who also said they'd help out with reviews. Of course, they are not limited to 08 YA titles; they can blog about whatever they want. And however they want. So let's be clear: Carlie's and Theresa's reviews and posts reflect their opinions. Not their employers, not my opinions, not the Printz committee. They pick the books they want to blog (or don't want to blog, for that matter.)

Will I still be blogging? Try and stop me! I'm actually looking forward to clearing out the backlog of books I read in the past couple of years that I haven't had time to review. Plus, if something isn't eligible for the Printz (published before 08, for example, or not a YA book), I can review it. Of course, whether I'll have the time for nonPrintz reading is another story (hence my eyeing that backlog of reviews.)

So what can I say about the Printz? I began to wonder... and decided, hey, let's go thru the Policies and Procedures and other (public) information about the Printz. With the current buzz and reaction to this year's winners, I thought it would be kind of fun to read what the Printz is (and isn't.) Plus, hey, I am a former lawyer, so it means I do like to read the rules. And follow them.

And here's another thing: do not take anything I say on this blog as a reflection of anything other than my own opinion. Do not take any of the comments by other people to be anything other than their opinions. I'm going over the polices, etc., but I won't be adding any commentary; but I do look forward to any discussion about the Printz that may take place in the comments.

Final thing: if you want to nominate a title for the Printz, don't do it in this blog or by contacting me. Instead, go to this online form.

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