Saturday, June 14, 2008

YPulse Mashup: Are You Going?

Where will you be on July 14?

Alas, since I live in NJ and have already spent my personal professional conference/travel budget,* I cannot attend the YPulse National Mashup Publishing Preconference. Click thru; it's amazing, isn't it?

But, for those of you who live closer to San Francisco, Anastasia at YPulse has this to share:**

"Finally, for you or any of your readers who can make it out to San Francisco, we are offering a special $100 rate for librarians. All you have to is register for the Ypulse Books pre-conference only (the rate doesn't apply to the entire Mashup event), and enter the code "BookDeal" -- that's it! Our conferences are extremely interactive, so the more YA librarians who attend, the more your voices will end up being an integral part of the discussion. Hope to see you there!"

A hundred dollars is a spectacular rate; if it weren't for the airfare/hotel issue, I'd be telling work I need some vacation days.

So, who is going? Who will report back?

*ALA, ALA Midwinter, YA Lit Symposium, Kidlit Bloggers Conference

** Anastasia left this on my post about age banding, where I did a mini rant about how children's and YA librarians should look for forums outside the library world to speak up. Just as we need to look outside in terms of presenting/writing, it's also good to attend non-library events in order to get fresh ideas and new perspectives.

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