Monday, February 09, 2009

Board Buddies Board Books

"Board Buddies" Board Books. Copies supplied by publisher, Marshall Cavendish Children.

How Do You Sleep? by Louise Bonnett-Rampersaud, illustrated by Kristin Kest.

A bedtime story with the repetitious question how do you sleep asked of different animals, from bears to frogs, ending, of course, with asking children.

My favorite, both for words and illustration, are the rabbits:

Bunny rabbit, bunny rabbit, deep underground, how do you sleep when the moon comes 'round? I chomp on my carrot with a crunch, crunch, bit, then I tunnel down my hole where I'm safe for the night.

Illustrations show both awake then sleeping animals.

Pirates! Illustrations by Vivana Garofoli.

If How Do You Sleep? is a reassuring and soothing bedtime story, Pirates! is an action packed adventure for toddlers.

The pirates are clearly children, and the words are all about setting sail: "All hands on deck!" "Swab the deck!"

The best part? Doing your best pirate voice as you read this out loud.

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