Monday, February 23, 2009


I have another post up at ForeWord Magazine: eBooks, PDFs, and Audiobooks, Oh My.

Here's the sneak peek:

I admit that I have techno-lust for an e-reader: they are so sleek! So shiny! So small! Think of how uncluttered my house would be if the books were all in this one small reader!

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Charlotte said...

Hmm. Viz clutter- I think the more books the better, at least in cold climates. When trying to survive a harsh New England winter, it is good to have as many walls as possible insulated with double shelved books, and the more stacks of books are piling up, the less air there is to heat.

But I can think of several long summers spent hundreds of miles from books when I would have loved one...

@mtechman said...

yes, very shiny, and I really want one - but my clutter problem is much larger than my book clutter problem....
thanks, Liz for the post on Twitter about how Kindle might help the blind/low vision community - even though it wasn't designed with them in mind.

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