Monday, February 16, 2009

Shelf Space: How Do You Read That Book?

My post at ForeWord Magazine's Shelf Space blog is about how reading for the Printz Award impacted my reading habits.

Here's a sneak peek: Being on the Printz Committee was awesome. A dream come true. But it was reading unlike any reading I've ever done before. The first and most important thing, it wasn't about me and what I liked or didn't like. The Printz is about literary excellence, not "Liz's Favorite Books". Now, a year later, I have the award criteria memorized; but at first, I didn't. So in addition to printing out the criteria, I had post-it notes with short reminders of what to look for when I read the books. Now? I have those paragraphs memorized.

Want to read the whole thing? Head over to the Shelf Space blog!

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