Saturday, July 03, 2010

Children's Literature on NPR

Monica Edinger (Educating Alice), Esme Raji Codell (Planet Esme website and blog) and Pete Cowdin (Reading Reptile) were on On Point Radio on NPR talking about summer books for kids and teens!

Highlights for me included:

acknowledging how the economy has impacted bookstores;

a shout out to the Kidlitosphere Central website at as a resource to find children's and young adult book blogs;

ALA and bloggers at ALA, including "new ones all the time";

and book lists. I'll let you click through, below, to see just how great those lists are.

There was also talk about reading other than books, and reluctant readers, and, well, A LOT of food for thought.

For example, are certain titles good literature or guilty pleasure? Does it hurt children's literature and cause differences in the market here in the US and in Europe?

I put aside time during Saturday morning with my coffee to sit back and listen. Which for me meant sometimes agreeing, sometimes disagreeing and always enjoying the show!

Listen to it yourself at On Point at NPR, and read the book lists.

Monica blogs about the experience. New York Times book reviewer, now on NPR, perhaps Oprah is Monica's next step!

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Monica Edinger said...

Oprah? Hee hee. Do I dare aspire so high?

Carol H Rasco said...

Hey, maybe we should start a social media campaign, Monica to Oprah Now!