Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Buffy Quote of the Week

"A vampire isn't a person at all. It may have the movements, the memories, even the personality of the person it takes over, but it is a demon at the core. There's no halfway."
--Giles, Ep: Angel


Brian Farrey said...

That wasn't funny. I like the funny quotes. Make with the funny!

Michele said...

What's funny is when Willow is worrying that VampWillow (in "Dopplegangland") is "kinda gay" and Buffy assures her that a vamp's personality is nothing like the living person's personality and Angel starts to correct Buffy, then shuts up ! Buffy was clearly lying to make Willow feel better - and Willow had clearly forgotten Giles telling them what's in this quote.