Saturday, April 22, 2006

Duck & Goose

Duck & Goose by Tad Hills

The Plot: A duck and a goose find a strange round object at the same time.
"What is that," Duck quacked.
"That's a silly question," Goose honked. "It is a big egg, of course."
Each decides that it is "mine."
"I saw it first" insists Duck, while Goose claims, "I touched it first."

The Good: As is obvious to any age reader, the round object with orange, red, and yellow spots is not an egg. It is a ball. So from the first, the reader is actively engaged in the story because they know something that Duck and Goose do not.

Duck and Goose squabble over everything: who saw it first, who is going to sit on it, who is going to teach it to quack or to honk. Eventually, they begin to see what they have in common (waddling and swimming) and become friends.

The endpages show the field, trees, and stream that make up the world found within the book; and if you look carefully in the front endpages, you can find the egg. Er, ball.

Resources from the publisher include a Duck & Goose activity page (pdf file.)

A good book for storytime for this year's Collaborative Summer Library Program, Paws Claws Snails & Tales.

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