Saturday, April 22, 2006

May Day

May Day by Jess Lourey.

The Plot: Mira James, a twenty-something grad student, leaves Minneapolis for a part time job in a library in rural Battle Lake. She's barely settled in when she finds a dead body in the stacks.

The Good: It's a little bit mystery, a little bit chick-lit, a little bit fish out of water, a little bit small town story, and a lot of fun.

Mira has been getting by in Minneapolis; her decision to move to Battle Lake is about leaving one place than going to another. May Day is part "throw everything into a car and start over" fantasy.

This is the start of a Murder by Month series by Lourey; the second title is June Bug, to be published next year. I LOVE that the Murder by Month series didn't start at either the beginning of the year -- January -- or the other month people think of as a beginning, September.

The dead guy she finds in the stacks? Turns out to be the guy she was dating; it's hard out here for us singletons!

And finally, I adored the pop culture references: Mira thinks, "I marveled at how much television had prepared me for life," because Charlie's Angels (the TV series!) is her inspiration and guide book for breaking into someone's home in pursuit of solving the murder.

Finally: The Pop Goes The Library Interview with Jess Lourey.

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Voix said...

Great review! I'm sure Jess will love it.