Friday, August 11, 2006

From Owls To Toads

One of the local papers covered my Harry Potter night: Waretown library conjures up some magic.

My favorite quote is, of course, the girl who, upon tasting the dirt flavored Bertie Botts Beans, said: "I ate dirt once, and that really tastes like dirt." And I'm quoted once or twice.


christine M said...

according to my kids - the Bertie Botts Beans definitely taste like what they say they do - and some of the tastes are fairly gross - I won't mention specifics - but be warned!

christine M said...

great article! cool quotes. Your godson has started reading Harry Potter - it's because he now has the glasses!

Nancy said...

Laughing. I gave Bertie Bott Beans to my mother as part of her Christmas present (she loves HP and jelly bellies)... she was not amused after she tasted a couple.