Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Blogday

I got tagged by Readable Feast for BlogDay 2006. It sounds like a fun, so here goes:

Happy BlogDay 2006! Here's how you can participate:

  • Find five new blogs that you find interesting.

  • Notify the five bloggers that you're recommending them on BlogDay 2006.

  • Write a BlogDay post today with a short description of each blog, and a link back to each one.

  • Add a BlogDay 2006 Technorati tag and/or link back to the Technorati BlogDay 2006 page.

  • Link to the BlogDay website.

  • So here are my five blog choices:

  • Journey Woman - assorted book quotes and musings, plus she's a fellow Jersey Girl.

  • A Year of Reading - two teachers chat about books and reading, with the goal of having read the Newbery pick (a goal I share).

  • Chasing Ray - The amazing Colleen Mondor, who blogs about books (especially but not exclusively YA) and literature.

  • Wands And Worlds - Reviews of sience fiction and fantasy books for children and teens.
  • bildungsroman by Little Willow -author interviews and book reviews.

  • Technorati tags:


    Mary Lee said...

    What a lovely surprise to come home to after the first day of school: an excuse to delay the schoolwork and blog! (Teacher has schoolwork on the first night, you wonder? Gotta figure out what we're going to do tomorrow based on what did/didn't get done today!)

    Glad you enjoy our blog! We're sure having fun!

    Unknown said...

    Wow, I've been tagged! Thanks for including me. Now I just have to find five blogs to post before it gets too late... I wonder what happens to the poor souls who get tagged just before midnight, LOL!

    Nancy said...

    Thanks so much for including me. This was fun, though tough to pick just 5 blogs I find interesting.

    Also, let me say... 1) love the name of your blog and the write-up at the top and 2) enjoying my visits here!

    By the way, I'm in Lambertville. Used to be in Morristown. I've been in New Jersey for 3 years now, and love it.

    Colleen said...

    Thanks so much for the kind words and I will certainly pass along the idea!

    Little Willow said...

    Thank you so much! I'm flattered to be on your radar!

    Liz B said...

    You're welcome! And sorry about the relatively late tagging... I can't post at work.