Monday, August 21, 2006

Trebor Nosnibor

Awesome name, as Journey Woman reminds me.

Like JW and Drawde, I was fascinated by backwards words. It was part of the reason I loved the short story, Those Who Walk Away for Omelas. As I recall it, the LeGuin's author''s note said the name came from reading a town name backwards.

I was never sure if I'd be Zil Snrub or Htebazile Snrub. Either way, the last name isn't so great but I like my first names.

So, what's your backwards name?


Leila said...

Aliel Yor.

I'd forgotten about backwards names. We did them in seventh grade on the last day of school. It was the same day our teacher taught us how to say the alphabet backwards. (I can still do it.)

Michele said...

Hmm - my last backwards is easy - Yrf - but the reverse of Michele is hard to say so I tend to leave the "ch" the right way round, thus Elechim !

Anonymous said...

Jane Langton has been a favorite since I stumbled across The Swing in the Summerhouse in fourth grade. I used to dream of jumping through the "Make Your Own Worlds" portal and see just what my imagination had cooked up.

Name play is always fascinating. My screen name is Selimsa, which is my first name mixed up, a trick I picked up from Thomas Chatterton, who sometimes signed himself as Hasmot Tnachorett. It works better than backwards Assilem!

Anonymous said...

I love Jane Langton, too. I'm proud to sat that I pretty much immediately knew who Trebor Nosnibor was. Of course it helps that Nosnibor is part of my own reverse name. Specificially, Refinnej (or Nej) Nosnibor. When I was a kid, my best friend's father always called me Refinnej. I always think of him fondly now, when I think about backward names. Thanks for the memory!

Nancy said...

Yep, my last name backwards is so horrible I won't even tell you what it is. My first name, not much better: Ycnan (which I tend to pronounce EEK!NAN).