Friday, December 29, 2006

Blog Resolutions

New Year's Blogging Resolutions:

  1. Always mention the source of a book (library, personal, gift, author, publisher, convention, etc.)
  2. Post three to five book reviews a week.
  3. Update my blogroll as I start reading new blogs, rather than once every two months.
  4. Get more organized about review copies. Currently organization: piles and slips of paper in books. In 2007 I plan to computerize it.
  5. Blog more about movies and TV; both of these areas have been seriously neglected.
  6. Podcast. (Ha Ha Ha! I need one resolution I won't keep. Seriously. Don't have the equipment, don't like the sound of my voice.)
  7. Verbose. Teachers have been telling me that since third grade. I'll try to stop being so rambly! But look, I cannot help it. I could have kept it at verbose, but I have to have the little backstory, then my little comment, then the comment on the comment...Darn. Two resolutions I won't keep.
Thanks to Semicolon for the idea of putting my resolutions online.

1 comment:

Janie L. Hermann said...

You are so ambitious Liz. Keep us updated on your resolutions. Oh, and I think a podcast or two would be great.