Saturday, December 09, 2006

Five For A Little One

Five For A Little One by Chris Raschka

The Plot: It's a picture book; a bunny and his five senses.

The Good: The illustrations rock. Watercolor, ink, and potato prints; and the bunny is adorable. I love how blurry his ear and body are, next to the crispness of the potato prints.

Celebrating the fives senses are the main point of the story: Noble nose, sniff and smell. You did it well.

Get to the end of the book, thru all five senses, and a little one, comes from two. The parents show one white bunny with a black outline, and one bunny with the blurry black body. What's nice about this interracial family is it just is; it's not pointed out in the text; it's not in the official subject headings. Five senses -- just enough -- to know the love we have for you.

Links: sample pages.

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