Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cybils: Review of the Day

While the Cybils nominating committees are busy reading and discussing the books on their long list in order to create a top 5 short list that will then be handed over to the judging committees, the Cybils site is running reviews of the day, highlighting the numerous nominated books.

And today I have the review of the day with my review of Dairy Queen! Yoo and hoo for me. Did you know that my "reviews are candid and light-hearted, yet also cut right to the core of the book that she's discussing".

So keep an eye on the Cybils site -- not only will you get reviews of the numerous books (has anyone done a total across all categories book count?), but you will also get to read reviews from a lot of different bloggers with different voices.


Little Willow said...

Woo hoo!

Brian Farrey said...

Bravo! To that assessment of your reviews, I would also add "warm and passionate, demonstrating a first rate understanding and love of the genre."