Friday, February 10, 2006

Children's Book Meme

As seen originally on Big A little a and Chicken Spaghetti. I'm trying to answer as I would have when I was a kid (bonus: as a teen).

What were your three favorite children's series?
1. The Dark is Rising
2. Narnia
3. Little House on the Prairie
Hon. Mention: The Great Brain books.
YA Bonus: The Pern books.

What were your three favorite non-series children's books?
1. Master Skylark
2. Harriet the Spy
3. A Proud Taste For Scarlet And Miniver
Hon. Mention: City Underground
YA Bonus: Norma Johnston books.

What were your three favorite children's book characters?
1. Will Stanton.
2. Anne Shirley. Not in either of the above categories, in that when I was a kid I loved the first Anne book and the others bored me; I didn't like them until I was in my teens.
3. Menolly.
YA Bonus: Ford Prefect. Cause he's the hoopiest frood.

Bonus Round #1:
Q. Who wrote your least favorite childhood books?

A. what did I read that I didn't like? I know I read stuff I didn't like but it's bad memories that have been obliterated from my mind. I never could read anything by Dickens other than A Christmas Carol, but that's more YAish than childhood.

Bonus Round #2
Q. What was the saddest moment in your childhood reading?
A. Master Skylark, when Nick wanted to go home and couldn't. I LOVED this book and cannot bring myself to reread it for fear of it letting me down.

Bonus Round #3
Q. Which adult book scared the bejeezus out of you?
A. Now I'm trying to remember WHEN I read certain books. Darn, this is hard. There was a book of ghost stories in about 4th grade that I bought from the scholastic book club, so was a kids book, that had a story about a man killing and dismembering his wife (I know! In a scholastic book club! It was the 70s, what can I say.) Anyway, there was this picture in pen and ink that freaked me out so badly I buried it in the trash. I think it was the woman with blood and.... OK I have to stop. The book was so bad I had to get it the hell out of my house. But it wasn't an adult book.
An adult book? Let's go with Burnt Offerings.


christine M said...

I'm totally with you on the Pern books and Norma Johnston - and you bought a horrible book from school in 4th grade. I always had my doubts about that school.

... said...

I've always loved the Keeping Days series.