Monday, February 20, 2006

In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes, based on a book by Jennifer Weiner.

How much did I love this movie? I want to own the DVD.

The Plot: Two sisters who seem to have nothing in common but size 8 1/2 shoes. Older sister Rose, the lawyer, is tired of taking care of free spirit Maggie and when Maggie does one too many things wrong, Rose throws Maggie out of the house. Maggie thinks she has nowhere to go, but then discovers a grandmother she never knew she had.

Each sister is feeling hurt and very "I don't need her!" about her sister; and each discovers just how wrong she is.

The Good: Romantic comedy is not a good description; yes, there is romance; and yes, there is comedy; but there are some serious issues here, also, about the meaning of family, about sisters, about friends. And about shoes.

Being a former lawyer, I loved the Rose as lawyer parts and Rose as former lawyer parts. And I wish that I worked with single lawyers like Simon.

I loved the family dynamics.

And one more thing. I love, love, love Jennifer Weiner's blog.

Next up: I'm going to read the book.


Anonymous said...

I took my mom to "In Her Shoes" for her b'day, and we both loved it!

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie alone in the theater so I could get all teary-eyed without feeling guilty or uncool. I thought the mpve was great. I have read most of Weiner's other titles. I agree, her blog rules.