Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blatant Self Promotion

I have an article in the Summer 2006 Edition of Library Journal's NetConnect: An Elf In the Library?

It's about Library Elf, on online way to keep track of library materials.


Brian Farrey said...

(frowns) I am unhappy with Library Journal. They gave an utterly stupid review to one of my authors recently. Musta been somebody new on staff because the entire review consisted of the back cover copy and then a final line reading something like, "But there are lots of typographical errors that one hopes will be corrected in the final copy."

Any reviewer with half a brain cell KNOWS you don't comment on typos in the text--that's why it has a huge banner on the front saying UNCORRECTED ADVANCE COPY. I should just be glad that the book got a mention but, still, even though the negativity isn't directed at the book, it still comes across as a bad review.

Done venting. Kudos on the article. Very informative.

Becky said...

I *love* Library Elf! I discovered it earlier this summer, and it has saved my sanity lol. All five of us have cards and use them heavily, especially for ILLs, and it's nice having everything in one place, and coming into my email, rather than checking five separate accounts to see what's due when.

Thanks for all the extra info in the article, Liz. One interesting feature I found about privacy -- Elf seems more interested in our card numbers than the actual names attached to those numbers (this may be because of our own library), so I was able to assign all of us aliases.

Little Willow said...

Yay you! :) Very informative.

Anonymous said...

Way cool!