Sunday, July 09, 2006


A Readable Feast has this fine post about Pirates. Did you know there's a Talk Like A Pirate Day? (Wasn't the Bones episode when they talked like pirates cool?)

Some YA Pirate titles:

Piratica by Tanith Lee; this is full of humor, as Art suddenly remembers she's the daughter of a Pirate Queen and goes about assembling her mother's old crew. But things aren't exactly as she remembers.

Airborn by Kenneth Oppel. Matt Cruse is a cabin boy in an airship that runs into air pirates.

Pirates! by Celia Rees. Slightly more historically accurate than Tanith Lee, but still full of adventure.

The Pirates of Pompeii by Caroline Lawrence, for Roman Empire-era pirates.

What pirate books have you been reading?


web said...

For very young children, Nick Sharrat's _Mrs. Pirate_ is a total hoot. Hard to find in the US, unfortunately.

web said...

Oh, and I really enjoyed _Bloody Jack_, though not any of the sequels.

Anonymous said...

I have a review of Airborn coming out Tuesday (I had a bunch from vacation, and decided to spread them out a bit). I'll have to check out some of these others. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

For young children, Cornelia Funke's Pirate Girl is great.

And Peter and Wendy, aka Peter Pan, bears re-reading a thousand times.

Camille said...

I love, love, love David Shannon's and Melinda Long's "How I Became a Pirate."

Anonymous said...

The Summer King by O. R. Melling has a pirate character, Grace O’Malley, the pirate queen.

Here's a review of the whole series: