Monday, July 24, 2006

The Fifth Carnival of Children's Literature

The Fifth Carnival of Children's Literature is up at Big A little a.

I've been asked, why read Carnivals? Aren't you already reading these blogs?

Well, no. While there are some that I have read, and I remember the post, the Carnival always introduces me to new (to me) blogs.

And, while there are blogs and posts I have already read, sometimes it's good to revisit them; especially if in the time since I originally read the post, I've read the book that was reviewed.

The Sixth Carnival of Children's Literature will be held at the Castle of the Immaculate.

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Kelly said...

Thanks for the link, Liz! I see you've read "Caddy Every After" already. Color me jealous. I'll get to it soon, though.