Monday, October 09, 2006

Edu Manga: Anne Frank

Before I read this, I thought, you're kidding me.

Having finished it, my thought remains the same. (I don't have the copy with me. It was returned to the library.)

Has anyone read this? Yeah, yeah, I don't do negative reviews... but Anne Frank? And Astro Boy? And the rather interesting, to say the least, time line at the end, and Japan's role in World War II? (Like they mention Japan building the Burma Thailand railway and omit how it was built.) And while a couple of parts made pause and want to pull out the original diary and also some of the books about what happened after the family was arrested, I just don't have the time.

An Anime on DVD review.


Erin said... I supposed to laugh? Or sigh? I guess my reaction is the same of yours: you've got to be kidding.

Little Willow said...

This is my mind.
This is my mind boggled.
**boggled bouncy sound effect**
Any questions?

Anonymous said...

Um, wow. Just... wow.

Liz B said...

There's always the chance I'm overreacting.... I'd love to hear from someone else who has read it.

Anonymous said...

This ranks right up there (or should I say right down there) with the upcoming popup book about the Irish Potato Famine...

Liz B said...

I only just heard about the popup famine book and ordered it (in part because I collect books about the famine, in part because I have the see it for myself....). I'll post what I find out when it arrives.