Monday, October 09, 2006

This Made Me Laugh

The characters in Robin of Sherwood react to the news that they are in a fanfic story... a slash fanfic story. It's told with screen shots from the series. Made all the funnier because I adored this series back in the day (why isn't it available in DVD?)

Thanks to Melissa Wyatt for the link.


Anonymous said...

It is available! If you have roughly $150 to throw around. You can only get it through this distributor in England.

Limited edition in NTSC format. Although, PAL format DVDs are available quite cheap on EBay. I have been snooping around and am going to experiment and see if I can convert my DVD player to region-free and see if it will play these. (There are websites that list "secret codes" for unlocking various DVD players. The whole "region" thing is, apparently, a nefarious Hollywood plot.) I have also read that the Region 2/PAL format will play on PCs and MACs, but I don't know if that's true.

Glad you liked the fanfic/fanfic thing.

Liz B said...

It seems like all the Good DVDs are in the UK! Because that's also where the have Shakespeare ReTold.